Benvolio1938 is managed by the Dal Sasso family: a name that holds in itself four generations of excellence in the food sector, symbol of quality and Italian tradition across the world. .











“We aim to become one of the most reliable names in the food and condiment sector according to two factors: the constant devotion to our roots and the healthy ambition to go forward and spread Italian food tradition for everyone, everywhere.” – Marco Dal Sasso


100% Italian company Benvolio, the oils of well-being, embodies all the positive aspects of our style and culture in human relationships, balanced lifestyle and, above all, healthy and tasty food.
The two most important products representing Italian values all around the world are oil and wine. As one of the major experts in oil production, Benvolio1938, the oils of well-being, has become the ambassador of the authentic Italian taste in the world.

Healthy lifestyle is part of Italian DNA, and is strongly present in our relationships, lifestyle, search for welfare, sharing of important moments and, above all, food.

BENVOLIO 1938 wellness oils offer a line of special products. They are authentic Italian treasures of exclusive fragrance that embody a series of values passed down by the people of our country through millennia.