Discover the full flavor of Piave

  • Besciamella-vegetale

    Vegetal bechamel

    You will be surprised with the taste of this vegetable bechamel sauce. Thanks to the absence of ingredients of animal origins it is more digestible and suitable for a vegan and a vegetarian diet.

  • Polpette al curry con carote e zucchine olio di semi d'uva ( vinacciolo )

    Curry, carrot and zucchini balls

    These curry meatballs with carots and courgettes are really tasty and easy to prepare. You can serve them as finger-food appetizers or as a tasty second course with seasonal salad. They are also lighter than common fried meatballs, as they are cooked in the oven.

  • Broccoli gratinati olio extravergine di oliva Piave

    Grated broccoli

    Broccoli: one of the most versatile foods and a real ally for our well-being. Try them grated: we assure you, this dish is as delicious as it looks!

  • Involtini di pesce spada olio di semi d'uva ( vinacciolo ) Piave

    Swordfish involtini

    Perfect for a lunch or a dinner, these swordfish involtini are great after an appetizer or a first course prepared with fresh fish.

  • Radicchio di Treviso in agrodolce olio di semi d'uva (vinacciolo ) Piave

    Sweet and sour "radicchio rosso di Treviso"

    Radicchio di Treviso: a typical ingredient of the lands of Piave. Find out how to enjoy its light taste every time of the year!

  • Maionese leggera olio di semi d'uva ( vinacciolo ) Piave

    Light mayonnaise

    Appreciate the delicacy of this a light and homemade mayonnaise. It will come out more genuine and healthier than the one you can find on the supermarket shelf!

  • Grissini gusto pizza olio di semi di mais Piave

    Pizza flavored grissini

    Tasty pizza flavored breadsticks, the ideal break at any time of the day.

  • Torta salata alla ricotta e zucchine senza burro olio di semi di mais Piave

    Zucchini and ricotta pie without butter

    Try our zucchini and ricotta pie made without butter. A light dish perfect for any occasion.

  • Peperoni in agrodolce olio di semi di mais Piave

    Sweet and sour peppers with Corn Seed Oil

    The sweet and sour peppers are one of the most enjoyable recipes to make. Use these red and yellow peppers to bring some color on your table!