• Joyl quality

“Quality is our best assurance of customer allegiance. It is our strongest defense against foreign competition and the only path to sustained growth in earnings” Jack Welch

Starting from this main assertion, which belongs to one of the founders of the concept of quality, our company has always been committed to offering healthful and high quality products.

Consumers feedback is the most important to us, this is why we aim to meet the needs of whoever searches for simple pleasures of life every day, starting from good eating.

From the raw materials to the final result, JOYL products are conceived and designed TO THE SMALLEST DETAIL to meet consumers’ demand and preserve all the taste and the beneficial properties of every oil.

JOYL oils are renowned for their nutritional and conservation properties. Combined to our passion for producing them, they make quality the strength of our company. Our “made in Italy” products stand out for their high quality and the exclusive design of our containers.