• Packaging

We would like to describe how we carefully created the new packaging and the design of our new bottles, using a specific material.

Our products have been completely renewed to express the ideals of our company: QUALITY, PRACTICALITY, DESIGN, ECO-SUSTAINABILITY.

The choice to bottle our oils in tin containers is given by the protective qualities of this material.

Perhaps not everyone knows that oil is photosensitive, so the more light enters the container, the more oil risks to be oxidized, compromising its quality.

For this reason, we have decided to bottle PIAVE oils in tin containers, as this material retains the organoleptic qualities of the oil, protecting it from sunlight and oxygen.
PIAVE company pays much attention to the impact our production process has on the environment. For this reason, our materials are 100% recyclable.

The product ergonomics and the new design of the cap ensure that not a drop of product is wasted, pouring exactly the quantity desired in a practical and simple way.