• Extract of laurel

The extract of laurel is obtained by the cold maceration of the dried plant in organic extra virgin olive oil.

To replace synthetic antioxidants with natural antioxidants, during these last years, research has been mainly focused on plants usually used to cook. They have identified and analysed some active ingredients of laurel that are present in its leaves and have antioxidant properties, like polyphenols and catechins. Laurel’s berries and leaves, moreover, contain different quantities of an essential oil which presents several compounds and has appetite-inducing and digestive properties. This is why the leaves and the extract of laurel can be used to cure some physical problems thanks to its antiseptic, digestive, stimulating, stomachic properties. In fact, it can reduce stomach problems and helps digestion.

Laurel (Laurus Nobilis) can be a tree or an evergreen shrub with oval and glossy leaves that contain the best properties of this plant.  It is a shrub or a small, evergreen tree with an erect stem and green-black bark, which is typical of the Mediterranean area where it spontaneously grows. Its leaves are dark green, coriaceous and very fragrant. They are glossy and deep green on the upper side, opaque on the lower side. The flowers are light yellow and have an umbrella-like inflorescence in spring. Its fruits are black and glossy drupes with one seed only.