• BENVOLIO 1938 organic sunflower oil

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Benvolio 1938 organic sunflower seed oil is obtained by mechanically pressing seed from organic certified agricolture. Benvolio from 1938 selects the best seeds and oils and guarantees the quality of the product along the whole productin chain from the seeds to the shelf. Sunflower oil is rich of polyunsaturated fatty acids, particularly linoleic acid, one of omega-6 essential fatty acids that are not processed by our body and, therefore, must be taken in via a balanced diet.
Another peculiarity of this oil is its richness in Vitamin E and tocopherols, which are powerful antioxidants displaying a strong anti-aging action when the oil is used raw, as they are able to counterbalance the presence of harmful free radicals in our body. Therefore, our sunflower oil is best used on raw dishes in order to take full advantage of its Vitamin E content.

500 ml can.

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Nutritional informations

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Values listed in the nutritional chart: energy value, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibers, salt, vitamin E contained in 100 ml of products.

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It is ideal for dressing salads or cold dishes, for the preparation of canned vegetables or as a base for sauces. ideal also for the
preparation of dessert.

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