• Benvolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Benvolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of a careful and rigorous selection of the best olives and trees that guarantee its quality, its typicality and its taste. Each can holds the secret of good Italian cuisine, in fact just a few drops can transform a dish into a special occasion. It is a versatile and above all healthy oil thanks to the presence of vitamin E and polyphenols, which ensure its stability and its nutritional and beneficial qualities through a protective and antioxidant action. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benvolio is ideal to enrich those dishes that require a fresh and fragrant note.
Like the other oils the company produces, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benvolio is gluten-free and is therefore suitable for people with celiac disease.

750 ml can.

Intense green
Fruity and full-bodied
Delicate and balanced,
with light peppery hints
  Benvolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives selected according to the old tradition and solely by mechanical means.
 vitamina_e VITAMIN E is a powerful antioxidant: it protects the cells from oxidative stress causing ageing and helps maintain the oil fresh.
  Benvolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains POLYPHENOLS that contribute to the protection from blood lipids and oxidative stress. Moreover, they give the oil stability and nutritional and beneficial qualities, as well as peculiar characteristics.

Nutritional informations


Values listed in the nutritional chart: energy value, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibers, salt, vitamin E contained in 100 ml of products.

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Benvolio’s extra virgin olive oil is ideal for all everyday uses. It’s well suited for cooked and raw vegetables as well as legumes and barbecued meat.

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Technical sheet

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