• Benvolio: a name, a story, a guarantee

To speaking is the taste of tadition, the gestures an rituals that are passed down from generation to genration, the customs of our peoples, and the history and tales that have always embraced our beautiful land; this, and much more is enclosed in each bottle of Benvolio Oil.

The name “Benvolio” comes from one of the names of the famous Shakespearian tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Benvolio is the nephew of Montecchi and cousin of Romeo, but his attitude towards the attention and well-being of those around him inspires the company to take his name.

The history of the brand has its roots in a consolidated love for the land and its products and has always been a synonym of quality and reliability.

Each can of olio Benvolio holds all the oil passion that the Dal Sasso family has passed down for almost a hundred years and is the echo of voices and stories that, with genuine simplicity, mirror a territory rich of history and culture.

This absolute respect for tradition and the love for this old profession make our oil, today as in the past , the expression of a territory full of taste and authenticity.