Salmon risotto

Risotto al salmone olio di semi d'uva ( vinacciolo )


If you love risotto, if you like salmon and you want to make a special dish for your family, well,  you just have to try this fine salmon risotto!


  • 350g carnaroli rice
  • 300g fresh salmon ( you can use smoked salmon as an alternative )
  • A glass of white wine
  • 2l fish broth
  • 1 celery
  • 1 carrots
  • 1 onion
  • Salt q.b.
  • Pepper q.b.
  • Butter
  • 2 slices of salmon and parsley.


Difficulty: medium
Cooking time: 40 minutes
Serving: 4 people

Cooking instructions

1.In a large pan, sauté celery, carrots and onion finely chopped. After two minutes add the fresh salmon coarsely cut.

2. Cook for a few minutes and add the rice. Toast it for a few minutes before simmering with white wine until reduced.

3. Add the fish broth a little at a time and cook until the rice is cooked (about 18-20 minutes).

4. When cooked, turn off the heat and add salt (if needed) a sprinkling of freshly ground pepper, butter and chopped parsley.

5. Let rest for 5 minutes and serve garnished with strips of salmon and a sprinkling of chopped parsley.

Some more advices:

If you want to make this dish lighter, use a soft cheese slice as a butter substitute.