Our oils are important to us, so their containers must be carefully selected.

Our priority is to preserve the quality of our oils, so we have decided to use only materials that keep their organoleptic and nutritional qualities unchanged.

Our oils have always been packed in tin containers that ensure external protection against oxidation. Their material is extremely versatile, highly impact resistant, durable, light, with a low environmental impact and infinitely recyclable without losing its original quality.

This is why our containers are different from usual glass bottles, giving a modern makeover to classical style.

Their material allows preserving the organoleptic qualities of the product. Unlike glass, it protects products from oil enemies such light, air, humidity and micro-organisms, slowing down natural oxidation process. An excellent choice that ensures the best preservation of products through time, eliminating usual glass bottles and combining tradition with modernity and quality.


Not only tin cans are the best choice to preserve the fragrance of our oils: they are also infinitely recyclable. After use, in fact, their material keeps all its properties unchanged and can be used for new products. Thanks to the collection and the recycling of our used containers, we can minimize our environmental impact, producing only 5% of carbon emissions if compared to raw materials. The lightness of aluminium reduces the transport costs and the environmental impact if compared to other packaging materials. Recycling means eliminating waste and extracting more virgin material from our planet, so… let’s do it over and over!


Our tin containers act as a total filter against any kind of light. Not even screened glass could guarantee the same protection. They preserve oil with no risk of alteration. This means that PIAVE oils bring to our table the same characteristics they have at the moment of their production.


Unlike glass, tin containers are unbreakable. In case of any accidental impact to a container, the oil inside will be always safe.