• Sustainability and environment


A glance at our planet, starting from details. Sustainability is a value that OLIO BENVOLIO 1938 deeply respects and supports on different levels. Our passion for life is the driving force of all our actions and expresses itself in any single decision taken by the company, embracing the founding value of respecting and preserving our planet. Taking care of the environment and the health of customers is part of our “modus operandi”, from our most important strategies to the smallest gesture performed by each one of us.   


OLIO BENVOLIO production is based on 3 fundamental “P”: People, Planet, Products.  All the stages of production are held in a deeply responsible way, with a constant commitment to human resources sustainability (attention to people’s well-being) environmental sustainability (respect of nature around us) and economic sustainability (useful and sustainable products) of the planet.

All sources used in the production process are reused, recycled and recovered for the best. In this way, OLIO BENVOLIO reduces environmental impact optimizing the consumption of raw materials and energy, recovering its own production waste.